Revolutionary Chess Computer

The DGT Centaur is a chess computer like there has never been before and it will revolutionize the way chess is experienced.

 What is new? Everything!

  • Super thin design
  • Circular LED lights for move indication
  • e-Paper display for optimal readability
  • Adaptive chess program

New DGT Chess ComputerThe most interesting and unique aspect of this innovative chess computer is the smart algorithm that automatically adapts it’s playing strength to your playing strength. It will give you a fair chance to win and it plays like a natural human opponent. Playing with this toy is a fun chess experience. 

The chess computer also serves as a perfect tool to learn chess through training and analyzing your games, incorporating a HINT system and the option to start a game from any position or random setup on the board. The chess computer is the perfect size chess board, small enough to fit on your table, but large enough to provide a great chess playing experience.

The product is a typical DGT product combining the best chess presentation with technical innovations in a beautiful and unique design. It will become available early 2019.



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