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Number of players 2+
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Who does not know the popular game of Poker? Win chips from your opponents by getting the best combination of cards or just convincing others that you have it. Poker is all about knowing your opponents and playing your hand right.



CUBE mode Move timer
Advised time 20 seconds per move

In Poker you have to make an important decision every turn. Do you want to fold, check, bet or raise one of your opponents? And if you want to place a bet or raise, what amount of chips will you bring onto the table? With the Cube you add a time limit to every turn. When your time is up and you did not make a decision yet, your hand will automatically be folded. With the Cube even more pressure can be added to this exciting game. Also a player's decisions become less predictable because they have to respond in time and dont have time to think everything through.

Besides keeping track of the time, the Cube is used to mark the player that has to make a move. When playing Poker it can be unclear, especially when playing with a lot of players, whose turn it is. The Cube, linking a colored side to each player, makes and end to this uncertainty. Also checking can be done by passing the Cube to the next player, which is more clear than the usual knock on the table.


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